Monday, January 27, 2014

Semester 2 Tech Chem

1/27/14-  Introduction of syllabus and chemical safety tour
1/30/14- Continue safety tour and go over lab safety sheet
1/31/14-  Matter, Energy, and Atoms
2/3/14- Graphing Pre-assessment
2/6/14-  Review Graphing Pre-assessment, check for safety contract/syllabus
2/7/14- Atom- identifying the # of protons, neutrons, and electrons in an atom
2/10/14- Review of last class (atom identification), Physical change and chemical reactions
2/17/14- P,N,e-, demo of physical and chemical change, Physical change and chemical reactions lab
2/20/14- Physical change and chemical reactions lab
2/21/14- P,N,e- of an atom and go over previous lab
3/3/14- 11 Unknown Lab
3/6/14-  11 Unknown Lab and electrons of the atom (Bohr model)
3/10/14- Bohr model practice and density lab (Al)
3/13/14- Finish up and talk about density lab, bohr model assessment, and chemical bonding (metallic, covalent, and ionic)
3/14/14- What is the best thermal insulator lab?  (Using lab data determine the best thermal insulator out of the options given)- offered due to student absence
3/17/14- Popcorn Lab
3/20/14- Review of bonding types, investigation of ionic bonds and ionic formulas
3/21/14- Ionic Compound Unknown Lab
3/24/14- Flame Tests for Ionic Compound Unknown Lab, ionic bonding practice (prove using a bohr model)
3/27/14- Ionic Bonding Practice with Bohr Models and Orbital Models of the atom (followed by reaction types- start with ways of noticing a chemical reaction)
3/28/14-  Continue reaction types lecture, reaction types lab
3/31/14- Building of Carbide Cannon
4/3/14- Finish building Carbide Cannon and Launch Cannon, Reaction Types Lab
4/4/14-  Launch #2?/ Explosive Science (
4/7/14-  Finish Reaction Types Lab/ debrief reaction types lab with summary of reaction types and observations, preview Cu Again Lab
4/10/14- Explosive Science (, Identify reaction types in Cu Again Lab
4/11/14- Carbide Cannon and Explosive Science
4/14/14- Cu Again Lab
4/17/14-  Bottle experiment, penny experiment